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A Message From Our President

Aloha and welcome to Finance Insurance Ltd. We have a strong history with a great outlook. For over 50 years, Finance Insurance Ltd., has been serving the community and the insurance needs of Hawaii.

We are an independent insurance agency partnering with select carriers to provide you the most complete insurance value for your dollar.

Finance Insurance will provide you peace of mind by managing your insurance needs. We listen to our clients needs and produce policies that are customized for value and affordability.

We are locally owned and based, full–service insurance agency offering exceptional life, health, property and casualty products.

We are committed to provide the best coverage to meet our customer’s needs along with exceptional service.

We encourage you to contact Finance Insurance Ltd. to help you manage all your insurance needs.

We'll Help Manage The Risk
In an environment less than 100% predictable, we can help you manage risk through effective insurance planning.  Finance Insurance Ltd. is a company with over four decades of experience, financial stability and technical expertise. We're a full-service agency and our reputation is built on our thoroughness in managing details.
We're always available to answer your questions or provide a quote.  Please call us at (808) 522-2040 during business hours for more information.

The World Is Full Of Surprises.
Buying Insurance Shouldn't Be One Of Them.

Finance Insurance helps bring financial stability and control to events that are always "subject to change."

We're recognized as one of Hawaii's top ten agencies and hold a special position as being Hawaii owned. We're a part of this community and we understand what our clients want and need.

In Over 50 years, there has hardly ever been an insurance need that we haven't been able to address . . . whether to protect your home, business or property.
We've been appointed as representative for major insurance carriers in the state and some of the highest ranked insurers in the nation. They rely on us for our honesty, integrity and ethical dealings with everyone whose lives and businesses we touch. And as a member of the Finance Factors Family, we have a proud reputation to uphold.
We help bring control to uncertainty - by providing protection against financial loss related to personal injury, property damage, casualty and liability mishaps. We also provide life insurance, benefit planning, consultative services in risk and collateral protection tracking services. We listen carefully to our clients so we can be responsive in answering their needs or solving their problems.

As One of Hawaii's largest, locally owned insurance agencies, we deliver superior service, leading edge technology and knowledgeable and experienced personnel. We invite you to become acquainted with our staff of Finance Insurance, whose high standard of service excellence stems from their dedication and teamwork.

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