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Realtor BOP Indication Request

The form below is designed to gather enough information for us to provide you a quick premium indication. We will provide you with a professional liability policy quote from our most competitive carriers - within the state of Hawaii only.

Named Insured:
Mailing Address:
Effective Date:
Current Carrier:

Underwriting Information

Location: (if different from above)
Is this a home office? Yes  No
Construction of building:
Year Built:
# of Stories:
Any previous claims? Yes  No
Central Station Monitor Alarm System? Fire  Burglar
Is there an operating sprinkler system? Yes  No
Are you the owner of building or tenant? Owner  Tenant
If owner, what is square foot of building?

Coverage Information

Coverage Type Limits
Building: $
Building Contents: $
Computer Equipment: $
Computer Data / Media: $
Valuable Records: $
Accounts Receivable: $
Money and securities:
Employee Dishonesty:
Pension / Welfare Plan (ERISA):
General Liability
  Occurrence Limit:
Hired & Non-owned Auto Liability
Employee Benefits Liability
(show # of employeees)
Number of Additional Insureds:
(property lessors, equipment lessors - show total number of AI's needed)
Policy Deductible:

Whom should we contact with the Indication?
Contact Person:
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